If you've been charged criminally, you need a competent, reliable representative who is going to make sure your rights and liberties are protected. You need someone who is approachable, knowledgeable and who has the resources to negotiate on your behalf. At Davies Law Office, we have the ability to put forward the best strategy in your defence.

We proudly accept legal aid certificates for Criminal & Ontario Review Board matters

The Justice System can be difficult to navigate at the best of times. Having a lawyer makes the process smoother and comprehensible. Here are some of the ways Davies Law Office can help you.

Criminal Charges

We defend a variety of criminal and regulatory offences, including assaults, thefts, impaired driving, sex offences, drug trafficking, and weapons offences. Your jeopardy is our highest priority where the criminal law is concerned. We will stand by you - especially when others won't.

Provincial Offences

We also take on cases such as speeding tickets, traffic tickets, liquor licence offences, offences against public order such as trespass and noise disturbances, panhandling tickets, and municipal bylaws, including restaurant health and safety offences.

Administrative law

Davies Law Office also handles administrative files, such as grade appeals, school expulsions at all levels of education, human rights infringements, constitutional violations, and correctional law. With our background in criminal and quasi-criminal files, we are well-situated to handle the nuances of administrative tribunals. 

Small Claims

Davies Law Office handles small claims, such as breaches of contract, under $25,000.

Court Liaison Services

Committed to maintaining the integrity of the administration of justice, Davies Law Office also will help with witness preparation for trial, independent legal advice for victims and sureties, and participate in educational programmes for the general public. 


Notarial Services

Davies Law Office provides a wide variety of notarial services including swearing affidavits and statutory declarations, commissioning oaths and providing certified copies of government-issued documents, such as passports and applications to change the gender on a birth certificate.

What do I need to bring to a notary?

  • two pieces of valid government-issued ID complete with name and current address. At least one of these must contain a photo in the bearer's likeness.

  • document(s) to be notarized

  • payment plus HST in the form of cash or credit